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Therapy Fees

Initial Phone or Telehealth Consultation 

I think it’s really important for us to get a sense of one another prior to committing to therapy. The therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect to successful therapy and why making sure we are a good fit is so important. During this phone call or zoom meeting I will inquire what has you seeking therapy and look forward to any questions you may have about the process!

20 Minutes | Complimentary

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

I recognize it takes courage to invest in therapy and in return I will invest in you. It’s important to choose a therapist you feel excited to work with, and who has the skills to support you with moving towards your goals. 

My fees are comparable with doctoral-level practitioners with advanced and highly specialized training, who have been practicing ten plus years, living and working on the West Coast in metropolitan areas. The fee covers the therapy session as well as the significant time I spend outside of sessions engaging in continuing education, training, consultation, reading, and compiling client resources, in order to provide high-quality therapy. 

Psychotherapy (weekly)

Therapy starts on a weekly basis, and cadence is re-evaluated over time and with progression towards goals. The duration and estimated total cost of therapy is something we will discuss at the outset and throughout the course of treatment, in alignment with your goals and preferences.

$300 for 50 minutes

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